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Getting WD and WDL to work together
You need to set the clientraw real time FTP uploading. Do that under control panel, Webfiles/webpage/real time ftp, then click on the Tab for real time FTP, and then tick, enabled real time ftp of the clientraw.txt for the clientviewer/SVG/WDL. Also make sure you have your FTP settings setup under setup, control panel, FTP/internet setup. You will need a good web space hosting company.

Is there a custom screen?
Yes!. see under view, custom screen. The right mouse click to toggle on or off to view an object, and click and hold the mouse button to move that object, and hold the CTRL key while moving the object to resize the object (after first enabling that via the right mouse click menu (one time only). You can also set custom tags , and there is a special custom tag to use for labels. Alos you can customise the main screen nowm, see under setup, extra/misc setup

Read beyond end of file error
Try, exit WD, then delete the files: latest.inf and or latestindoor.inf or latesttime.inf and or graphdata.inf and or graphdata2.inf etc,or direction.inf or direction2.inf from the folder datafiles, then restart weather display

How do I get data out of WeatherLink, and into WD.
I know that WeatherLink is supposed to be able to output a file called "download.txt", but where do I find that option in WeatherLink, and then, how do I get that data to replace WD's data for this month

Download.txt is located in your station directory.

I am assuming that you have the datalogger attached and have installed the Weatherlink software. If you haven't installed the Weatherlink software, you won't have the download.txt.

Next be sure that Wdisplay is not working, then boot the weather link software, download the station into the Weatherlink software. Then exit weatherlink software. Boot Wdisplay, go to import logs and then open weatherlink station directory (that is the directory you set up for the Davis software). Then click on import from davis, click the wl5.2 option find the directory exactly, click convert and ta dah!! (but it depends on the weather link version and what extra sensors you have logged in the download.txt file, so no gaurentees it will work)

OF course you should remember not to click on the Weatherdisplay to clear the archive after download. That is why you can't find or don't have any data remaining in the logger. You have stuff on the console though.

AND if you have your weather display software read and running, with it recognizing the VP and all the goodies checked. To down to Davis Weatherlink area and have it imported on program start up to the wdisplay directly. Again , I wouldn't click to have archive cleared.

The reason I go on about not clearing the archive is several reasons. First the weather logger will over write any old data first leaving the most recent. Second. If for some reason you didn't get a completed upload, or deleted a directory, file , etc, the data logger will re-load on to the computer what didn't. This way you don't lose information.

How do I back up WD data and settings?
All the parameters for WD for various display or computations are stored in wdisplay.ini. The parameters for the ftp program upload or download functions are stored in the registry. Most data is stored in the various files in the datafiles and logfiles directories. But a good deal of data is also stored in the wdisplay.ini.

So, back up wdisplay.ini, from c:\windows or c:\winnt. Export and backup the registry entry wdisplayftp.ini. And of course your datafiles, logfiles and webfiles folders. New: Go to action, back up registry entry, then click on back now. That will save your WD registry entries in a file called wdisplayftp.reg in the folder databackup. You can now also have this done daily automaticly (see under setup, databackup (but some systems do not handle this very well), and the current datafiles and logfiles are also automaticly zipped with this function).

How do you get SMTP AUTH for weather warnings?
Just enter the username and password in the SMTP AUTH email setup section,and the tick, set to use.

My weather report email appears on all 1 line, i.e jumbled together
Untick use HTML in the weather report/email setup (control panel, ftp/internet setup).

And you can reset the monthly and yearly rain totals, via setup, enter barometer offset, other offsets and rainfall. Just remember to click on yes to save the settings.

How can I set the rain year from July through June
Click on "setup" then "Display units options/reset times..." In the window that pops up, you'll eventually find "Month to Reset the Yearly Rain Total" - just enter your desired month there.

Does WD calculate heating degree or cooling degree days?
They show up on the NOAA report - dailynoaareport.htm Also go to View Menu and select "Averages / Extremes for month". Then click "NOAA style report". Values are calculated daily and is a seperate column for each value, and a monthly total at the bottom. A calendar style control allows selection of past months.

How do you set WD to produce a custom text file customtext.txt?
See the page labeled "Logs and Logging"; there is even a sample. While described as a Log file, You can actually use it to transfer data to any program in any format you wish. The example was used to send data to the HoomSeer program.

What is the purpose of this file?
To tell WD what data is required to be placed in customtextout.txt

How can I convert this txt file to CSV files?
The output within this text file is already formatted in CSV format.

How can I get WD to produce a .asp (or .php) file?
Use "Setup | customise the file creation/ftp schedule". There you can set the remote name for the wxlocal.html file. If you are running your own server, then you can use the special file conversion in the custom web page setup, under setup, ftp setup, to force a new file name (i.e you put in the local file name as anything but wxlocal.html, and set a new remote file name.)

Someting seems to be broken in WD. How can I get more information?
Click on "View" in the menu bar. Click on "Program Error Log". If the problem concerns uploading or downloading, then look at "VIEW | FTP error Log"; and perhaps click the "View Full Log" button.

How can I print the WD display?
Click on "Action" in the menu bar. Then click "Print this page". (You should probably select "printer setup" first.)

Where do the wind chill and dew point numbers come from?
Weather display calculates it own values for these (the dew point is derived from temperature and humidity)

Why is there no data appearing on the display panel?
Check that under "weather station type" your station is selected and or you have the correct com port selected.

The program crashes half way through starting up!
This is most commonly caused by corrupted real time graph data files. Delete the graphdata.inf (and graphdata2.inf etc) files from the folder data files. Try starting WD again.

Why isn't data appearing on my web site?
Check under "control pannel, ftp/internet set up" and make sure that you have all of the appropriate data filled out and that it is correct, and you have the main internet switch on (on the connection setup page)

Why isn't the "extreme/average" page on my site?
Go to "setup" than "setup ftp" and click on reset.

What is the "input daily weather" screen for?
This serves as a weather log that will be put onto your extreme/average page. It also allows you to select the current weather icon. And finally, you can enter snowfall data there.

What is the "daily fire index/data for?
That is an index for how easily fires can be started.

Why isn't weather underground being updated?
Make sure that the data is correct and that you are registered. Also check and see if your station I.D is correct.

Why cant I down load a METAR file?
MaKe sure that under ftp down load that you have selected a METAR station.

Why isn't the current weather icon updating by its self according to the METAR station?
Make sure that under the list of METAR stations that "use this METAR for local sky conditions (and weather underground)" is checked. Also make sure that the box next to that has the name of the METAR station that you want to be displayed. Example KEWR.TXT

How do I get the image from the Input daily weather to stay on the main screen?
To turn off the forecast image, go to ftp setup, then files, then untick show wm918/wmr918 forecast image on summary.gif then under input daily weather, tick "use this image on the web page instead". This is not permanent, and will be unticked on program re-start.

Why doesn't Weather Display have the same rain totals as my weather station?
WD stores its own rain records separate from the weather station, and you can enter start values in under: setup, control panel, barometer offset, other offsets, and rainfall. Then enter the correct amount, then click on set, then click on Yes to save settings Same applies to the rain rate.

I cant get any data with my WMR900H or Ws2000/7000 weather station.
Be sure you have your station setup as described in the Weather Station Selection page, and you have set the outdoor sensor # to use in the view, ws2010-13/ws2500 data setup correct (i.e as 1 )

What happens if I cant have my PC on all day?
All of the graphs will be added on to according to time. The high and low data will also still be there.

How do I get a METAR report on my web site?
Within the Setup menu, click "setup FTP / ...", then select the tab "FTP /METAR download". Go to the lower portion of the display and choose a METAR station. Tick "include the text files on my web page". Finally, set up the scheduled times for downloading and click the red button to turn it ON.

What do I do when I get a new version of WD?
A good idea is to rename/back up your current downloaded installer file, wdisplay32.exe or beta.exe. The before you run the latest downloaded installer file, exit weather display first (and make sure other assoicated .exe programs are not also running). Note: you must have installed a recent full or beta version before downloading and extracting the zip of just the main weatherd.exe file (which you need to unzip to where you have weather display installed. No data will be lost, and your registration will be kept as well.

How do I upload a graph of weather data for a day from graph history to my site?
All you need to do is go to view, graph history, get the graph that you want, then click "saved to file." The next step is you need to go to action, manage my ftp server, and choose the file that you want to upload. EX: the graph will be saved as savedgraph.gif under weather display.

Custom weather web pages, and HTML, I don't know HTML!
To get you started with HTML coding, take a look at: Creating a Weather Web Page.

How do I change the background color of the default weather page?
Go to the setup menu. Click on "Setup FTP / Internet/ ...". Click on the tab labeled "Web Files #2". In the section at the bottom labeled "WEb Table Setup", click the button labeled "Set Background web page colour". Pick a colour from the display and click OK. The page background you selected will be used.

Where do I make the wxlocal.html folder? I cant get it to work
Go to "Windows explorer" once there, go to "wdisplay" you will see a whole bunch of files and folders, you are looking for the folder named "webfiles". That's where you need to make the wxlocal.html file, in "webfiles" Make sure it has a file extension of .html and not .htm (but you can change the extension needed in the ftp/internet/custom web page setup)

What is the "remove wind speed spikes" option under graph setup options?
That would be for the WM-918 users, that station some times produced winds that were of biblical proportions, this problem is not caused by Weather Display.The use of a optoislolator on the windspeed cable or rain cable fixes that.

How do i install onto another PC?.
Copy the data files, log files, and web files folders across, then also wdisplay.ini from c:\winnt or c:\windows and export/import wdisplayftp.ini from the registry:by action, back up registry entry, and then copy and run the file, wdisplayftp.reg, on the new PC, and send me the new code shown in the "Register" on the new PC toomenu.

There are lots of vertical lines on the real time graph.
Adjust the minimum temperature offset lower (bottom right hand corner), default is -20oC.

The main LED is blinking. But I do not know what is setting it off.
Try clicking on it and or go to "view, all time records to date". There you will see another blinking LED with a label, or you might end up on the weather warning setup page, and there will be a blinking led there too (if a weather warning had been sent) That should answer your question.

I've just changed PCs. How do I get a new registration code?
Just ask! Send a request to Brian following the procedure described in the Register / Purchase help page. If you wish to keep all your old data, you will need to copy wdisplay.ini from c:\windows as well as all the files and sub-folders (like data files, log files and webfiles). You will also need to export wdisplayftp.ini from the registry to a file (search for it, and you may have to do search again to find the correct entry) New: go action, back up registry entry now, then that creates the wdisplayftp.reg file in the folder databackup. Copy that to the new pc, and double click it there to load into the new registry (but it assumes default user)

The "Alarm" is flashing. What do I do now?
When a warning threshold is reached, the LED next to the com port status will flash. Simply click on the flashing red LED, then click the button labeled "Reset Alarm LEDs". Reset the alarm threshold(s) if you like. Click OK.

How do I enter my own weather observations?
Click on "Input daily weather" in the menu bar. You can select the icon to show on the web page monthly data. Click update for first time to create the icons You can enter text - treat like a weather diary - this will be in weather emails as well, but not on the main screen. You can also enter snow fall observations here.

How do I make changes to the default web page?
WDs web pages are created from 3 files: datahtm0.txt, datahtm2.txt and datahtm3.txt. If you know HTML, you can alter datahtm2.txt , and Weather Display will keep the changes. But first you must go to "Setup, control panel | FTP / Internet ... | Web Files", and click the box labeled "Let me manage the datahtm2.txt file". Also, you can add of course add email link, images and web links on this same page. See also Creating a Weather Web Page for more information.

How do I get the sun & moon rise and set to work correctly?
Follow the procedures described in the Entering Location Data help page.
Only enter degrees, and minutes (i.e no decimal places). For southern hemisphere, the latitude is a negative number. (The latitude is the lines parallel to the equator.) For places West of GMT (i.e England), the longitude needs to be negative. For some time zones, you may need to use the "fine tunes" to get the rise and set times for your location to be accurate.

Latest News!
Version 10.37S Build 134
News:28th Octoberl:Added support for weatherwizz.com .Added Added manual humidity offset mapping table function. "When was last time". 13th December: New updated compiler version. 12th September 2020. Added support for the new Davis Air Quality sensor.:23th May 2019. Added support for Davis WLL.Added support to upload data to Windy.com.Added support to upload data to Openweathermap.Added MQTT support.Wunderground API will close on the 22nd March. WD latest version now supports the new API. You will need to use this if you use the WU Almanac or WU data.25th February 2019 :Added support for Windguru.Fixed bug with Januuary climate report.Faster history processing.Added support for ambientweather.net .Added support for OS WMR89.Added support for 280 Twitter limit.Added support for Homeweather API. Added main screen custom to Mac and Linux versions.Improved Linux versions. Added support for history data from WeatherFlow station.Added support for the "purpleair.com" air quality sensor.Added support for NOAA NWS API Point Forecast.Fix for individual dial images pointer not matching value number.Added Bloomsky station support.

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