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Weather Display Live - Features

Weather Display Live ThermometersWeather Display Live can show a range of weather instruments including thermometers for wind chill, humidex and heat index, and temperature, along with their minimum and maximums for the current day. Plus dew point, humidity, wet bulb, barometer, rain gauges, cloud height, wind speed, wind direction and wind gust. Rain, solar, UV, cloudbase height and wind animate to their new values unlike some software which just jumps from one value to the next.

Real time instruments will automatically change their scales to suit the range of values displayed. For example the thermometers will show temperatures from -50°C to +60°C but will only show a range of 50°C at any time. The rain gauges will show from 0.1mm to 10,000mm and the cloud base height can display upto 25,000 feet.

An icon will display the current weather and you can optionally choose whether to display Weather Displays current conditions text or that from your chosen METAR. You can use your own icons with Weather Display Live Premium version.

WDL instrumentsIn addition if you have Solar and UV sensors you can configure Weather Display Live to show solar and UV bars including the actual UV index status.

If you have indoor sensors then optionally choose to display inside temperature and humidity.

You can also display upto 8 extra sensors for temperature and humidity.

You can decide what units you want to be displayed initially but your visitors can choose if they want to see the instrument in their preferred units. For example, you may set Weather Display Live to show wind speed in knots but your visitor could then choose to display the readings in mph, m/s or kph. And you can do this for every instrument! If you don't want your visitors to change units simply remove the buttons from the display.

RecordsAll Time Records
Weather Display Live can also display the extremes as recorded by your weather station, for the month, the year or for all time. Additionally there is an 'LED' which indicates red when a new record has been reached within the last day or amber within the last 7 days.

Temperature, UV and solar instruments automatically change colour as appropriate, for example, watch the temperature change from a cold blue to a warm red as the mercury rises. Styling of text, gauges and dials is available in the Premium version of Weather Display Live.

Configuration of all the options is easy with the WDL Configurator - a user friendly graphical interface which allows you to adjust the settings and position the instruments exactly where you want You can then upload the configuration file to your website with the built in FTP uploader. Other features include a live preview so you can see what your WDL configuration will actually look like and a simple html page generator.

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