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Weather Display Live - Features

Weather Display Live currently supports 27 different languages. Select from English, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Swedish, German, Faroese, Estonian, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Frisisan, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Polish, Icelandic, Slovenian, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Catalan - or have 25 different pages and let your website visitors choose!

Weather Display Live has unique graph options. You can choose to view up to 33 different graphs including rainfall, temperature and wind speed for the last hour or last 24 hours. Plus wind direction, wind chill and wind speed live - in near real time!

If you are running a Davis Vantage Pro weather station then you show the forecast text, alternating with the current conditions text, on screen. If you don't have a Davis VP then can use a Metar, if available, for your area.

VU type meterChoose your instruments
Several instruments have a choice of type of instrument. For example the barometer can be shown as text, as a VU type meter, or as a mercury type barometer. Most instruments can be displayed as text only, should you wish, and the extra sensors can be set to the instrument or text appropriate to what is being displayed. More instruments are being added all the time and don't forget that updates are free once registered.

Lightning integration with Nexstorm
Click for a larger viewIf you're a Nexstorm user then you can show live lightning information in Weather Display Live. You can choose how often you wish to update - up to a maximum of once every 4 seconds! Other features available are -

  • Playback of lightning strikes
  • Select from a range of playback speeds
  • View previous 24 hours lightning data
  • Zoom in to a map size of your choice
  • Nudge playback of lightning in 1 minute intervals
  • Graph of lightning activity
  • Plot occurrences of lightning strike types
  • Add distance rings to your map with your choice of spacing and colour

Click here for a large screenshot of Weather Display Live showing Nexstorm data.

Add a button which will display your webcam in a separate window within Weather Display Live. Add your own caption beneath and choose the frequency you wish to refresh the window - from seconds to minutes. You can have multiple webcams available for your users to select via a dropdown list, or alternatively embed the webcam in the main Weather Display Live screen.

Video playback
A video player instrument is included which allows you to incorporate playback of video files within Weather Display Live. It plays the hugely popular flv format files which are rapidly becoming the standard for website video playback.

MesoMap Live within WDLWeatherMap Live lite
Weather Display Live includes a "lite" version of WeatherMap Live. It has a reduced number of features with support for 1 map only but requires only the subscription to a data feed. If you wish to upgrade to the full version of WeatherMap Live at a later data you can do so without the need to purchase another data feed. For many users the ability to display a local map of weather may be all that is required.

Here is a comparison of the differences between the 2 vesions.

Displaying in your Website
Because Weather Display Live is written in Adobe® Flash® you get all the benefits of this technology including the ability to put any background colour or image behind the display. Plus you can set the display to be any size you wish or let it resize automatically to fit your available web page size. You can even make it fill the entire screen - all with no loss of quality because of the vector based nature of the software.

Weather Display Live Premium features...

And best of all Weather Display Live Standard is only $40US!

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