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Weather Display Live - Features

Weather Display Live Premium
Weather Display Live is also available in a 'Premium' version which has several advanced features not in the Standard version. If you wish to customise Weather Display Live more fully, perhaps to match your existing website, or to remove any references to Weather Display Live on the screen, then the Premium version is for you.

Lightning IconIcons
With the Premium version you can use your own weather icons instead of the default ones built into Weather Display Live. There are currently 16 icons which you can replace with your own in most popular file formats such as gif, jpeg, png, swf, etc.

Gauges & Dials
You have control over the colour tinting of the dials and gauges. Don't like the default colours? No problem - experiment with a different colour to match the rest of your website colour scheme.

Text StylingText Styling
Also in the Premium version is the ability to style the text within Weather Display Live. This includes changing the colour, style, background colour etc. This is achieved with a standard html type Cascading Style Sheet (css) and the download package includes a sample style sheet to get you started. You can customise individually the majority of the instruments and even the forecast, current conditions and station name. This is ideal if you have an image or coloured background to your Weather Display Live.


Full Control
You also have full control over the Weather Display Live web link at the bottom right of the screen, including removing it completely (ideal for corporate or business sites) and also of the data heartbeat indicator and station name.

In short the Premium version gives you virtually full control over the Weather Display Live screen. An upgrade is available for Weather Display Live Standard users.

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And best of all Weather Display Live Standard is only $40US!

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