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WeatherMap Live - features

Weather Icons

WeatherMap Live displays weather conditions and parameters either in a rotating cycle or in a fixed view - you choose!

When WeatherMap Live rotates through the views it starts with temperatures being displayed with background colour based on the values - redder for warmer temperatures - bluer for colder temperatures.

Then WeatherMap Live displays the current weather conditions in icon form such as sun, clouds, rain etc.

Wind arrowsWind is next which can either be displayed as animated or static arrows. Again the colour reflects the temperature of the wind and the size corresponds to the wind strength.

Finally WeatherMap Live displays the barometric pressure and whether it's steady, rising or falling, before starting the cycle again.

You can hover over any of the stations to get full details of the conditions in a sliding bar to the right of the map. The bar can be "pinned" open or closed by your website visitors - or kept open the whole time - you choose!

User controlsYou can zoom and pan around any of the 10 maps which you can configure and there are hotkeys available so you don't need to use your mouse to switch between zoom in/out and pan.

You can give your users control over the rotation. If you choose to allow it they can pause or slow the rotation and even swap manually from one set of parameters to the next.

Additionally you have fine control of the positioning of the icons either "globally" for each map individually. You can adjust the size of the icons, useful if you don't have many weather stations available for your chosen map, and you can choose where to position a screen title to show users that you are displaying temperature, pressure, wind etc. You can even choose the colour of the station markers!

ConditionsYour users can choose the units displayed such as Celsius or Farenheit, and there are 12 languages included English, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan - or have 12 different pages and let your website visitors choose!

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