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WeatherMap Live - how it works

Our server downloads METAR and Weather Display data on a regular basis, processes the data to extract the required information and then stores it in a database.

You embed the WeatherMap Live file into a page on your web site, create a map (or maps) for it and then subscribe to a data feed for those map(s). When a visitor goes to your web page, the visitors browser contacts the weather-watch.com server and asks for the latest data for the map, which is then plotted onto the map by the Flash movie.
Weather Map Overview
So once you've set up your web page, created your map, configured WeatherMap Live and subscribed to a data feed, you can just sit back because there's nothing more for you to do. Your PC doesn't need to download huge volumes of data each month to create your own weather maps or create and upload weather maps every 15 minutes 24*365.

Apart from downloading the web page and map from your site, all the traffic is between the visitors PC and the weather-watch.com server. If you have an upload or download cap on your webserver, then your bandwidth usage will be almost unaffected by requests for data.

Additionally you get a version which you can use on your desktop for your own personal use.

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