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WeatherMap Live

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WeatherMap Live provides you with a way of displaying weather data on a map via your website for just about anywhere in the world.

WeatherMap Live is a FlashTM movie which uses data available from Metars (airports) or Weather Display weather stations. The data is displayed in a web browser or on your PC desktop. The data is updated every 15 minutes from Weather Display stations and on a less frequent basis from Metars which vary depending upon the airport.

You can choose a location to display by entering longitude and latitude co-ordinates into our website front end which then provides you with a list of available weather sources to select for your map. Add WeatherMap Live to your website, configure it with a map of your choice, and sit back to watch the weather!

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  • Animated cycling of weather conditions and parameters
  • Up to 10 user definable maps
  • Colour coding of temperature and barometric pressure
  • Web links to every Metar or Weather Display station
  • Most options can be set either 'globally' or for individual maps
  • Various options for customising the display including
    • speed of rotation of icons
    • spacing of icons
    • size of icons
    • static or animated wind arrows
  • Global offsets for fine alignment of station positions
  • Zoom in/out and pan
  • Full details for individual stations
  • Definable units on startup
  • Choose which buttons to show to allow users to change units
  • Choose whether to show screen titles and where on the screen
  • Users can pause, stop or manually change weather parameter rotation as determined by you
  • 12 different languages included
  • Free updates to the software once registered
  • Share your weather data with other WeatherMap Live users around the world
  • No requirement for your own weather station with standalone WeatherMap Live

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Two Versions
There are two version of WeatherMap Live available. A "lite" version is available embedded within Weather Display Live, which has a reduced number of features such as displaying only one map, and a full standalone version.

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Note that for the standalone version of WeatherMap Live you don't need Weather Display - in fact you don't even need your own weather station!

The price depends on which version of WeatherMap Live you want to use. If you want to use the version of WeatherMap Live embedded in Weather Display Live you just have to subscribe to a data feed which costs $20/year (excluding the cost of Weather Display Live).

If you want to use the full standalone version of WeatherMap Live you will need to buy the full product which costs $45 for the first year. This includes the data feed subscription for the first year. In subsequent years you'll just pay the data feed subscription fee (currently $20). If you share your weather station data then the data feed subscription fee is discounted in following years.

Evaluation Version
WeatherMap Live is free to use in Evaluation mode for a limited number of stations for a fixed map of the UK. An Evaluation Version notice is displayed. After purchasing the software and data feed you will be able to configure up to 10 of your own maps to present to your website visitors. Additionally you'll also be able to use a "desktop version" which you can view on your PC anytime you wish.

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Latest News!
Version 10.37S Build 151
News:26th November 2023: Added IFTTT support (so Twitter and Facebook support is back) New Compiler used, WD runs faster!.Mac Version now available in the Apple Mac Store!.New Mac version works much better with Monterey.Added support for Ecowitt Whittboy:Added support for weatherwizz.com .Added Added manual humidity offset mapping table function. "When was last time". 13th December: New updated compiler version. 12th September 2020. Added support for the new Davis Air Quality sensor.:23th May 2019. Added support for Davis WLL.Added support to upload data to Windy.com.Added support to upload data to Openweathermap.Added MQTT support.Wunderground API will close on the 22nd March. WD latest version now supports the new API. You will need to use this if you use the WU Almanac or WU data.25th February 2019 :Added support for Windguru.Fixed bug with Januuary climate report.Faster history processing.Added support for ambientweather.net .Added support for OS WMR89.Added support for 280 Twitter limit.Added support for Homeweather API. Added main screen custom to Mac and Linux versions.Improved Linux versions. Added support for history data from WeatherFlow station.Added support for the "purpleair.com" air quality sensor.Added support for NOAA NWS API Point Forecast.Fix for individual dial images pointer not matching value number.Added Bloomsky station support.

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