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Weather Display Live - Instruments

Instruments - you choose!
Weather Display Live can show a range of weather instruments including dials, gauges, linear type gauges, thermometers, mecury barometers, to name but a few. Here is a selection which you can choose with Weather Display Live.

A 'bulb' type thermometer A 'mercury' barometer A linear bar type thermometer A solar bar instrument
A 'bulb' type thermometer showing max and min values. A 'mercury' barometer which is also showing pressure trend. A linear bar type thermometer with max and min indications. A solar bar instrument showing percentage value as well as W/m2.
A rainfall gauge A dual thermometer A dial type barometer

A rain tank for monthly rainfall
Rainfall gauge with a linear style of instrument Dual thermometer, each bar can display 1 of 22 different values. A dial type barometer which also shows pressure trend. A rain tank for monthly rainfall.
A dial thermometer

A cloud base height indicator

A 'VU' style meter

An 'open' wind direction instrument
A dial thermometer with max and min indications. A cloud base height indicator. A 'VU' style meter showing humidity. An 'open' style wind direction instrument.

Note that all instruments auto scale and some change colour depending upon the value, eg thermometer, solar and UV. They can all have their units swapped instantaneously by visitors using the unit selection buttons.

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