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Weather Display for LINUX

Requirements: You will need GTK installed

Download the latest installation file and extract (unzip) that to your home directory,into a folder called wdisplay, then in a terminal window in the wdisplay directory that has been created, type ./GoWeather and then hit enter

Existing weather display for windows owners can get a 50 % discount on the price.

There is a nag screen at start up, but otherwise the program is fully functional

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Latest News!
Version 10.37R Build 81
News:20th September 2014 :Fix for %changeinday% in latest beta.New free Android app to show real time weather data over your local WIFI, to use with the latest beta version.New beta version, has the features of the wdcompanionaddon program incorporated now :).Added new variables to the data sent to the weathercloud.net via the new companion add on program Latest Mac version some good improvements.Latest update now works with the Airmar NMEA GPS station.Added past snow totals edit to view, imputted snow.Improvements for OS WMR300.Fix for weather warning emails not working after change to Ftp program (full install):Added twitter support to WD mac version. iWDPr for Android released (replaces iWD).Added support for Raspberry PI (consolewd).New WD Mac version: Added direct support for OS WMR100/200/300/WH1801 and Irox.

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