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Weather Display Live

Weather Display Live - click for larger viewWeather Display Live is an add-on for Weather Display which allows you to view live weather data over the web from your weatherstation in nearly real time.

Using Adobe® Flash® Weather Display Live presents a continually updating display of your weather information. You can choose what weather information you want displayed, how you want it displayed and you can choose the units to display it with.

Flash currently reaches 98% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide (Adobe statistics) and the player is free. All you need is your own website, Weather Display set up to FTP live data, and Weather Display Live. There is no requirement for server side scripting technologies such as databases, php or asp - it really is that simple!

And best of all Weather Display Live Standard costs only $20US!

Features include

  • Animated wind dials, solar bar, uv bar, rain, humidity, graph and cloud base height displays.
  • Auto scaling of wind, temperature, cloud base, wind graph and rain gauges.
  • Auto colour change of temperature, uv and solar gauges.
  • User configurable pre-selection of units and refresh rate.
  • Real time graphing of wind speed, wind chill and direction.
  • Last hour graphs of wind speed, rain, barometer, humidity and temperature.
  • Last 24 hour graphs of wind speed, rain, humidity and temperature. Plus UV and solar.
  • Last 30 days graphs of pressure, temperature, humidity and rainfall
  • In total there are 33 graphs available.
  • All time records for current month, current year and all time.
  • Lightning activity indication.
  • Integration with Boltek lightning detection when using Astrogenic's Nexstorm or Aninoquisi's Lightning 2000. Many features are available if you are a Nexstorm user, including near real time display of live lightning on the web.
  • Live forecast display if you're using a Davis VP or manual entry.
  • Multi-lingual. Currently 27 languages are available.
  • Choice of instruments available for temperature, wind, rain and barometer.
  • User can determine which instruments to display including their size and position.
  • Multiple instances with different configurations can be placed on one website.
  • WeatherMap lite.
  • Text styling available in the Premium version.
  • Hyperlinks can be placed on any instrument with link text specified by user.
  • Heartbeat indication of attempted and successful data updates. Flashes yellow for each attempted update (corresponds to refresh rate) and flashes red for a successful update.
  • User can determine size of display and background colour / images.
  • Use your own icons with Weather Display Live Premium.
  • Webcam can be embedded in page or in separate window. Multiple webcams supported.
  • Free updates once registered.
  • Video playback. A viewer of flv format files is one of the available instruments
  • Easy user configuration with the WDL Configurator.
  • WDL Configurator is 64 bit compatible.
  • Full documentation, user guides and help manuals.

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Latest News!
Version 10.37S Build 15
News:9th July 2016 :New secure FTP versions to fully support SSH and SSL secure FTP available.New WDxmlwarning.exe version due to changes in NOAA https . New moviemaker.exe , where .mp4 video now works on mobile.Fix for crashes/hangs for WD Mac version, build 270.Price reduction. Improvement/speed to parsing of custom tags.Updated the compiler used for overall improvements.Improvement for handling Ultimeter station data. Added support for HobbyBoards 8 channel 1 wire relay.Fix for noon FYI update in latest Mac version .Fix for windfinder updates.Removed FaceBook after the breaking change they made not allowing auto posts.Latest version now has new real time graph option for main screen (see under setup, advanced/misc, main screen customise) also now has new icons under control panel and view panel.Improvement for %changeinday% in latest (now has seconds).New free Android app to show real time weather data over your local WIFI, to use with the latest version.

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